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A. To be eligible for a diploma from Needham High School, a person must complete these standards prescribed by the Needham School Committee: 

1. Successfully complete courses in this Program of Studies described as follows: 

  1. Four full years of English 

  2. Three full years of Mathematics 

  3. Three full years of History and Social Sciences including one year of United States History 

  4. Three full years of Science 

  5. Two full years of the same World Language 

  6. Two full years of Fine & Performing Arts; a maximum of one semester of Media/Technology may be substituted 

  7. One semester of Health/Physical Education for each year enrolled at Needham High School 

  8. Two credits in Community Service Learning 

2. Successfully complete the equivalent of an additional five full year courses or its equivalent as described in the Program of Studies. 

3. Earn a minimum total of 92 credits in the course of study outlined above or in credits earned with the prior written approval of the Principal. 

4. Complete all state-mandated requirements. 

B. The Principal may suitably recognize students who have completed all Needham High School requirements but not the state mandated diploma requirements. 

C. Students may complete these requirements in less than four years upon prior written application and the approval of the High School Principal. 

D. The Principal may make changes in requirements when, in his/her opinion, the best interest of the student will be served. 

All 9th grade students must take a minimum of 24 credits and a maximum of 26 (** the 26 credit max may only be exceeded if a student requests Skills Center, PLC, or an after school class); Grade 10 and 11 students must take at least 24 credits with a maximum of 28; and seniors must have a minimum of 22 credits and a maximum of 28 (**For grades 10, 11, and 12, the 28 credit maximum may be exceeded if a student selects an after school course in addition to the full schedule).


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