Home Front

Everyone who was involved in the war effort was affected, which of course included those on the home front. On the home front, everybody pitched in to help the war effort. Rationing was put into effect, limiting everything from most food items to the number of tires a town was allowed per month. Daily patterns that people had been following for years were broken, and thousands of people volunteered for jobs to support the war effort. Of course, the war impacted people differently depending on where they lived. For example, our site includes an interview with "Katharina", a survivor of Germany’s home front and the story of a survivor of occupied Hong Kong. These pages and the emotions within them contrast strikingly with the experiences of those who lived in the US. These interviews are especially interesting as they present what it was like to be a child in a time of war.

Peggy Anderson
Horace Ashenfelter III

Sidney & Judy Block

Jean Bonino

Roger Brooke
Mary Brown
Dick Brown

June Breen
Bob Carleo
Irbing Epstein

Jessie Fish
Gunther Garbe
Margaret Gartland
Ray Gehling
Angela Graham

Helen Goodwin
Mary Gomes
John T. Heemskerk

Frederick Holloran
Armand Kazarian
Anne Kania
Barbara Kiser
Joe Shiro Kawata
Paul & Carol Kennedy
Lee Kosow

Eugene Lieberman
Hy Lockhart
Kamola Majumder
David Manheim
Frank Martino
Ellen Dunn Maxwell
Mary Lawlor McKnight
John Molloy
Grahame Neale
Margaret O'Leary
Nicholas Petrosino
Sylvia Piltch

Mary Powers
Mary Banwell Powers
Frances Ridge

Lorna Shapiro
Richard Simmons
John Thornton
Gertrude & George Urban
Norman Vanmeter
Cesidia Visco
Josephine Wallis
Fred & Pauline Waterhouse
Joseph Weinstock
Gloria M. Wright


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