World War II

This section tells the story of World War II and post World War II as it was told by survivors of the war to sophomore students at Needham High School. This is how one generation has passed on its experiences and memories to another. Please take the time to read this fascinating collection of stories. This small sample shows the rich diversity of the United States as the pages include interviews with men and women who lived all over the globe during the war. From the brutality of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong to the street battles of Stalingrad, from the bombed out destruction of Nazi Germany to the relative calm of the US home front, this site helps preserve the memories of our friends and relatives for future generations. We hope that this site will help us all better understand what it was like to live in such a momentous time in world history.

This site is dedicated to all those who took the time to share their experiences with us. These pages ensure that their stories will not be forgotten.

Mr. Kenneth Brooke
Social Studies Teacher, Needham High School, Massachusetts, USA

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